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You Matter

Absolutely you do!  And we care about that.

Everyone is aging and makeup, face-lifts or jumping  jacks will not stop that.  It just so happens you, as an older adult,  are the leaders and the directors of your future,  paving the way for the rest of us, sharing your likes and dislikes. Our position at Willow HomeCare is to ensure you are comfortable living your best life passing  on your resilience to the generations following you. 

To get the ball rolling simply call or send us a brief email.  We would set up a casual, complimentary meeting. We will be taking notes,  jotting down what you share with us and if we meet your expectations, we partner you with a qualified staff providing a comfortable relationship for both. We have no contract, so if your life circumstances change, you can alter or restart service at a later date. 

That Brain of Ours.

Every single control we have is brain operated, whether it’s conscious or subconscious, and works non-stop for 24/7. This one organ operates our entire body, as well as stores memories from our past to a microsecond ago. It is the most complex of all the organs, the most vulnerable if bruised or damaged, unable to be repaired and cannot be transplanted. It is researched extensively and presents more questions than answers for the scientists.  Willow HomeCare can assist keeping things in order for you if that brain of yours seems to be having a mind of its own… 

Memory Loss:
Is Not Age Related

Memory loss needs be taken seriously as it is not  age-related. 

Misplacing keys, leaving a cup of coffee on top of your car or forgetting why you went upstairs, is all normal as we age, so no concerns there. Phew, well that’s good!  

This link will give you a good idea of what is and is not normal for your memory:


Some memory challenges can be reduced by eating better, drinking the required cups of water per day (coffee/tea do not count) and making sure you take a good quality vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.  Dehydration, certain medications, excessive alcohol or drug intake also has negative effects on our brain.   


Physical and Behavioural Challenges

Having a physical or behavioural challenge uncharacteristic of that person, can be part of a decline in that person’s brain performance.  A person living with dementia would not be aware of these events or changes. This particular link from the Alzheimer’s Society in British Columbia is a good example of the causes of reactive behaviour,  what to look for and some strategies to help. 


To personally speak to someone in confidence, contact the Alzheimer’s Society in your county or region with your questions if you are not yet ready to share with others. This link is to the Alzheimer’s Society of Huron County.