•  Sitting with you for a cup of tea or coffee

•  A stroll down your laneway or sidewalk

•  Playing board games, listening to music or singing

•  Watching your favourite sports team – win (or lose)

•  Reading a book or newspaper out loud

•  Some casual conversation about nothing or about something

•  Helping you walk your dog or feed your cat

•  Assisting with shopping or help write a letter

•  Guide you on a computer or iPad so you can speak to your family or friend

Personal Assistance

•  You may require some organizing what to wear that day

•  You do not remember taking your medications

•  Helping in your kitchen with cooking or baking, making it more fun

•  Possibly the sheets on your bed are difficult to change and put in the laundry

•  Maybe you think taking a bath or shower once a month is just fine, yet your family thinks otherwise

•  You may be able to accomplish things in the morning, yet your afternoons are more difficult to manage

•  You would like to go out, however not comfortable doing this by yourself

•  Need some groceries picked up or mail dropped off

•  Want to visit a friend or family member but keep forgetting
where they live

•  Or simply not sure what you need but know that something is missing in your happiness circle

    This is a short list of things we are able to assist with. We can add to this list depending on the circumstances and the specific needs
at the time.

    We are a private Home Care service and our fees vary depending on the type of service required. Willow HomeCare will be happy to help provide information on other services within the community
to balance your needs.